Detailed Specification

Meeting the highest standards of sustainability to meet LEED Gold accreditation and WiredScore Platinum accreditation.

Occupancy Rates

Means of Escape:

1 person per 5 sq m Stairs lobby protected at each level

Sanitary Provision:

1 person per 10 sq m

Toilet ratio:

60% male & 60% female provision to BS6465-1 2006 & A1 2009


1 person per 8 sq m
10 litres per second per person

Lift Provision:

1 person per 10 sq m

Structural System
  • The Structure consists of 7 floors over basement with the plant located at basement level. The structural form consists of a hybrid of a steel-framed building and an in situ reinforced concrete building.
  • The structural grid varies within the building. Generally 6.0m by 6.0m to the rear of the building & 7.5m by 4.5m to the front.
  • The steel-framed building consists of steel columns, beams and an integrated metal deck floor within the depth of the floor beams. The overall structural floor depth will be 385mm.
  • The in situ reinforced concrete frame consists of concrete beams, columns and a ribbed slab. The overall floor depths for the floors varies at 325mm, 350mm and 400mm.
  • The roof is of lightweight construction supporting a metal
    deck roof.
  • The overall frame is supported on ground beams and pile caps, which in turn are supported on in situ augured piled foundations.
Floor Loadings (in addition to the dead load of the floors)

Roof Live Load:

0.75 kN/sq m

Typical Floor Live Load:

5.0 kN/sq m

Demountable Stud Partitions:

1.0 kN/sq m

Ceiling & Services:

0.15 kN/sq m

Raised Access Floors:

0.15 kN/sq m

Basement Plant-Room:

7.50 kN/sq m

Floor Heights
  • Generally 2615mm from raised access floor to underside of suspended ceiling.
  • Top two penthouse floors 2675mm from raised access floor to suspended ceiling.

The external façade consists of a high quality Portland Stone frame from ground level to fourth floor parapet height, with double-glazed powder-coated aluminium glazing between. The glazing is designed to be free from any intermediate transoms with flush silicone joints to glazing panels.

The two upper penthouse levels consist of full height double glazed façades with minimal fenestration and fretted glass spandrels to create a clean semi-transparent form. The glazing is composed of powder-coated aluminium glazing sections with flush silicone joints externally.

The main entrance – located at the junction of Burgh Quay & Hawkins Street – is articulated as a void framed façade module with access via a full height structural glazed revolving door plus an automated pedestrian door.

The building will feature 2 private roof terraces at the top two penthouse levels providing 177 sq m of external occupier amenity space accessed via sliding glazed doors. These areas will be landscaped & decked and enclosed with structural glass balustrades.

All façades will be easily cleaned & maintained from street or terrace level.



This will comprise of an entrance hall with bespoke seating, feature lighting, natural stone flooring and a bespoke timber & corian reception desk. Feature timber cladding walls will be provided behind a reception area and adjacent to the lounge, which will be fully Wi-Fi enabled.

Finishes to Offices (& Lift Lobbies):

  • Ceilings: powder-coated acoustic perforated metal tile with painted plasterboard perimeters.
  • Walls & Columns: white emulsion painted plasterboard dry-lining system with hardwood skirtings (plus feature timber cladding & black metal trim to lift walls).
  • Doors: 44mm solid core timber hardwood veneer doors with brushed stainless steel ironmongery.
  • Floors: metal-skinned raised access floor system (with additional natural stone flooring to lift lobbies).


  • Ceilings: white emulsion painted plasterboard.
  • Walls: white emulsion painted plasterboard dry-lining system with hardwood skirtings.
  • Doors: 44mm solid core timber hardwood veneer doors with brushed stainless steel ironmongery.
  • Floors: high performance vinyl.
  • Balustrades: structural glass balustrading with stainless steel handrails to principal circulation stairs. Powder-coated steel balustrade system to secondary stairs.


  • Male, Female and Disabled toilets provided at each level.
  • A shower & locker area provided at basement level.
  • Ceilings: plasterboard flush ceilings with perimeter concealed lighting detail (ceiling tile to basement shower area).
  • Walls & Columns: white emulsion painted plasterboard dry-lining system with hardwood skirtings.
  • Doors: 44mm solid core hardwood timber veneer doors with brushed stainless-steel ironmongery.
  • Floors: metal-skinned raised access floor system with additional natural stone flooring.
  • Sanitary ware: Wall hung wc pans & urinals with concealed cisterns.
  • Corian vanity units with feature mirrors with halo lighting.


  • 3 Lifts in total serving the building.
  • 2 no. x 10 person passenger lifts located in central core, one of which will be designated as a fire-fighting lift.
  • Serving all floors above ground.
  • Lift speed: 1.6m per second.
  • Internal finish to be brushed stainless steel finish with integrated mirrors and a natural stone flooring to match lobbies / reception.
  • Separate lift serving basement to ground floor reception area only.
  • Innovative bespoke disabled access lift with retractable stone steps in Reception area.

Basement Car Park Area & Facilities for Cyclists:

  • Secure parking for 9 cars.
  • Secure storage spaces for 54 bicycles.
  • 5 shower rooms within self-contained rooms complete with sinks, mirrors, hand & hair-dryers.
  • Secure lockers will be provided.
Mechanical / Electrical Services

Lighting Specification:

High efficiency automatic LED lighting to CIBSE LG standards for offices incorporating daylight control in open plan office area.

Lighting Control:

Automatic throughout utilising presence and absence detection where suitable along with daylight control.

Air Conditioning:

Dedicated high-efficiency HVRF air conditioning systems and controls. These will offer simultaneous heating and cooling to offset variances in the internal environmental conditions. On the Ground Floor ceiling mounted swirl diffusers will deliver the conditioned air to space using concealed indoor units located within the ceiling void. On First through to Sixth Floor high induction linear diffusers mounted in the ceiling bulkhead will deliver the conditioned air to space using concealed indoor units located within the ceiling bulkhead.  Full-fresh air ventilation will be provided to the office areas. The systems will be suitable for either single- or multi-tenant users, i.e. each floor will be able to operate independently.


  • Designed to incorporate metering to facilitate single- or multi-tenancy usage on a floor-by-floor basis.
  • Power distribution systems will be provided within the raised access flooring void.
  • Building will be equipped with a life safety generator.
Protective Installations

Security System:

  • Intruder alarm systems will monitor perimeter access points.
  • Access control systems will be fitted to building entrances with open protocol for compatibility with tenant access control systems.
  • CCTV systems will monitor the basement car park, building entrances, reception and secondary access doors.
  • EVC systems will be provided at each disabled refuge point in the stair lobbies.
  • Dedicated third lift serving basement & reception areas only.
LEED, BER and WiredScore

The building is designed to target a LEED Gold standard with a Building Energy Rating of A3 and a WiredScore Platinum accreditation.